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Helen has been changing lives one hair at a time for over 5 years. During this time she has practiced with various hair-removal techniques and truly believes waxing is the most effective route. What her clients love most about her is her speed, warmth, humor, and attention to detail. She is a self-described perfectionist. Her favorite waxing services are eyebrows and Brazilians, but any client will tell you she is a true professional with any hairy area!


Helen’s experience and wit will leave you feeling confident in your own skin, even when it come to the uncomfortable spots.


When she’s not waxing, she can be found lasering unwanted tattoos, volunteering at a local rescue shelter, hiking with her 2 rescue dogs, knitting on the couch, watching ‘Bob’s Burgers’, or attempting yoga.

Helen Al-Jureidini

Helen Al-Jureidini is the founder and owner of Luna Atelier Skin: a waxing and skin spa focused on providing the most casual and comfortable experience for anyone and everyone. Helen found a calling for waxing through personal experience. As a half-Arabic woman, she has referred to herself as “one hairy lady” (she knows what you’re going through). Her clients, however, call her a "waxing guru.” 

Helen Al-Jureidini

Luna Atelier Skin is LGBTQ friendly and encourages a safe, comfortable environment for guests of all colors and lifestyles.


This business is locally owned and operated.

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